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Before I became a full stack webdeveloper building webapplications from scratch, I had the chance to work with a scale of very different small companies and start ups.

With most of them I worked for a longer period of time on several projects.

This way I get to know a company better and help them with their online appearance and strategy.


Videomarketing, storytelling video, video interview, video series, one minutes and documentary.

Photography and film for website. I usually deliver a complete website with video and photograpy.


Hi, I'm Janou Treffers

Webdeveloper and videoproducer


  • Front end backend webdevelopment Ruby on Rails
  • I love programming in Ruby on Rails
  • Video documentary
  • Interview
  • Video Editing

My story

logo_hertzAs an artist I painted portrets of the people in front of me. I created my idea of them. It wasn't enough for me, because like to hear them tell me their stories. I'd like to know more about the person in front of me. So I started interviewing strangers in busses and trams. It is so easy to talk to people you don't know. Specially elderly people came and talk to me about their lives. Througout the years I worked as a freelance camerajournalist and produce promotional video's for companies. Or helped out on filming documentaries for other filmers. Yust ask me anf I help you make to make a film of it that suits your service and audience.

As a full stack webdeveloper

I bring my technical and artistic skills, easy listening, humorous personality with multi angle helicopterview on the matter as a full stack webdeveloper and creative content creator for a variety of webproducts for people, animal and plant moving companies, free to live their colors. With a heart for welthfare, humans that love sustainability, art & nature. The fun of it all is to create a blend of the different media to support the online presence of the client. So now i start he puzzle fom the backside towards the front!

Website & Content production

See the happy faces during the proces of making!

Video marketing

Crowfdfunding film Tamar Frank

100% succesvolle crowdfunding!


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Where do you start when you want a website or film?

To do list

Let someone interview you. By a friend or colleague. It's playful and fun! It sharpens your mind to pitch your text outloud before writing it down. The 'about' for your website should answer: Who, what, why and how. You end with a conclusion that makes your audience contact you or buy your product/service. Make a note of the questions and answers. Build a storytelling text of it or leave it like this as an interview. Imagine what pictures could illustrate your story or what type of videostory. Make someone review your text. Think also of SEO when writing your text. Paste it in your website.
Yes in fact you need to when you don't have the budget to pay google ads. First it looks professional, second google likes it. Third. Skip the two first reasons and stick to think as a person and not just as entrepreneur. When you enter a store, how would you like to be welcomed? Write down what is the most important to you when you are the customer. Think of your website and film in the same way. How do you want customers to feel when they visit your website. It's an online doorstep to your product, service or story. Build your site with attractive visuals and text. Make a list the long-tail-keywords that are right for your business along with the seo structure for your text.
Same as for the website. Tell the story in 100 words. Make a stroryboard an write a script. Think the images that illustrate the story. Also when the sound is muted. What do you want the people to read if they watch your video.
Want an illustration or infographic on your site? We have a variousity of styles from artists to choose from! Or introduce your own favorite illustrator.
If you like to maintain the website yourself, you can follow a workshop in our office or buy the E-book 'How to stay friends with your website' here. You can also hire us to mantain your website. You can read more info here.

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